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Global Industrial Solutions SRL It is a company focused on technology, specialized in industrial assembly, with or without automated systems, operating internationally with highly qualified and motivated employees.

Environmental protection is our top priority, and we are committed to ensuring that our services have a minimal impact on the environment.

We wholeheartedly embrace the challenge of identifying ever-evolving customer needs and adapting to dynamic market trends.

Most of our technicians and staff hold internationally valid safety authorizations (SCC-pass).

Our staff is highly trained to operate specialized lifting equipment and consistently attends security training programs, ensuring their readiness for activities within international companies.

Our objective is the turnkey installation and commissioning of the beneficiary’s equipment.

Occupational health and safety is a crucial aspect of our company. Our staff actively participates in ongoing training courses and is equipped with state-of-art height protection equipment.


Thanks to our specialized staff’s extensive experience in working at height, coupled with the latest state-of-the-art equipment, our company consistently excels in completing even the most challenging projects within optimal timeframes.

Our specialization consists in forming versatile, adaptable teams, ready to any location worldwide and to commence projects promptly.

Each new project presents distinct challenges. At GIS, our in-house specialists excel at identifying optimal solutions, conducting thorough risk assessments, and effectively mitigating potential risks.



Join us!

We are a technology-focused company specialized in industrial assembly, with the capability to operate both with or without automated systems. Our international presence is driven by a team of highly qualified and motivated professionals.

Industrial painter

We hire industrial painter – using painting guns/pumps, work location- in a working hall.
The working location is situated in Germany.
The task is to paint medium size metal profiles.
Sandblasting know-how is a plus.
Free accommodation and transportation.

Metalworker, work location – on site

We hire metal works, work location – on site
Job description: mounting industrial filter systems (metal profiles, air ductworks).
The work locations are situated within the European Union and worldwide
Free accommodation and transportation.

Metalworker, work location – in working halls

We hire metalworker, work location – in a working hall.
The work location is Germany.
Job description: measuring, tack welding (preparing welding) using a technical drawing.
Free accommodation and transportation.

CNC – operator and programmer

We hire bending machines and pipe rolling machines operators to work in hall in Germany.
The machines bear the Trumpf brand.
Free accommodation and transportation. You will work in a mixed team.


Global Industrial Solutions

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